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Furloughed Workers And The Job Retention Scheme

COVID-19 UPDATE The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme   The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is a temporary scheme open to all UK employers for at least three months starting from 1 March 2020. We expect the scheme to be up and running by the end of April. It is designed to support employers whose operations have… Read More

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

COVID-19 UPDATE Trace Payroll Services wants to alert customers to the latest situation regarding SSP payments in light of recent announcements made regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.   Please bear in mind that this is a fast-moving situation that is changing all of the time. On 04 March 2020, the Prime Minister announced that SSP would be payable… Read More

How to improve your Payroll process

Payroll is a crucial business process when you have employees, but it can easily become overcomplicated with extra steps in it.  The more steps you have, the more the chance that something goes wrong.  But how do you improve your payroll process and make it as lean and efficient as possible? Know payroll tax policies… Read More

7 Tips to Motivate your Employees in 2020

Hiring the right people is one part of the process – but keeping them is another big one.  Plus, people’s motivation for staying in a job is changing and isn’t always just about money.  Sometimes it is about making a difference, having a belief in the company and feeling they can grow in their role. … Read More