Outsourced Payroll Professionals

Trace Payroll Services is owned by The Payroll Software & Services Group (PSSG); a recently formed group providing software and outsourcing solutions for HR, Payroll and Business Support in the UK and International markets.


About PSSG

PSSG believe people are core to all successful businesses.

Payroll pays people what they are due, accurately and on time and forms the base of all employee/employer relationships. HR supports, trains and develops people, to allow businesses to get the best from their people and maintain a happy working environment.

PSSG’s mission-critical services allow businesses to get the best from their people. Over 1,000 global clients rely on PSSG’s solutions to make sure their employees get paid on time and its technology powers over £2.5 billion salary payments a year.

They are are backed by private equity firm Tenzing.

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